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From Strategy to Activation and Everything in Between

Many entrepreneurs are bursting with innovative ideas for their businesses or startups. However, without a well-defined strategy, these ideas cannot effectively materialize.

At DNA, we champion a strategy-first approach, ensuring your audience comprehensively understands who you are and why they should invest in your crowdfunding campaign.

A strategy is the backbone of a successful campaign. To break down this point, we recently hosted a webinar featuring DNA CEO Jason Fishman and Account Director Abby Kehr, focusing on the 8 points in our strategy development process. For those unable to attend, this article highlights the key topics discussed. You can also watch the recap here and download our free webinar deck here.

Introducing the 8-Point Strategy Plan

The 8-Point Strategy Plan serves as a roadmap, detailing your current position and future ambitions. It transcends mere fundraising efforts, providing a comprehensive visual representation of your marketing plan and clarifying your objectives.

An effective strategy deck builds on previous successes while anticipating future achievements. It encompasses the tactical elements that are currently working in your favor, as well as strategies for attracting new investors and increasing contributions from existing ones.

The Significance of The 8-Point Strategy Plan

The 8-Point Strategy Plan is indispensable. It guides your campaign from inception to completion, employing various metrics to calculate the necessary audience size, establishing objectives, and ensuring their realization.

The 8-Points

The aim is to secure investors through a strategically assembled mix of elements:

Industry Analysis: A current evaluation of pe industries.

Competitive Market Audit: An analysis of competitors’ tactics, messaging, and engagement frequency.

Target Market Profiles: Detailed descriptions of key audience demographics, behaviors, and down to specific personas.

Marketing Channels: Advice on the most effective paid and organic channels, including tailored strategies for each.

Strategic Partnerships: An audit of potential strategic partnerships that can be created to help you scale.

Creatives: Complete review of your creative assets & messaging.

Projections: Predictive budgeting for both paid and organic channels.

Activation: A comprehensive plan review with actionable steps integrated throughout the campaign timeline.

Connect with the DNA Team

We hope this article has been informative. For a more detailed exploration, we invite you to access the full webinar recap at your convenience.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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