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Funding & Crowdfunding for Community — with Jason Fishman, Budd White, David Rodman, & Dalton Wright

DNA's very own Jason Fishman hosted the 2022 DAOPlanet Denver conference, which also featured esteemed panelists Budd White, David Rodman, and Dalton Wright for a live presentation panel on "Funding & Crowdfunding for Community"!

Through the integration and proliferation of DAO principles and Web3 tools, DAOPlanet envisions greater representation for individuals within communities, organizations, businesses, and the entire world.

Organizational structures will have to adapt to accommodate this "new normal" as demand for more autonomy and flexibility in where, when, and how people work grows.

Jason and the panelists discussed the significance of community building in the launch process.

Jason and the other experts also covered everything you need to know about:

✔️Strategy and preparation

✔️Understanding investment strategies

✔️Leveraging bandwidth to identify opportunities.

✔️Explaining the DAO investment and its potential benefits while staying within the rules.

You can watch the recording of this exclusive event here.

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