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How To Maximize Social Media During Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Maximize your social media presence to engage, excite, and take your raise to the next level!

Executing this during your crowdfunding campaign is crucial to your success, and a topic that has been requested by our clients for quite some time.

There’s a lot of confusion when one should be using each of these platforms, and it really comes down to understanding the direct response nature of social media.

When someone wants to find a new job, they post on LinkedIn.

When someone wants to share a blog post via Facebook, they post on their profile.

When someone wants to buy a new e-book, they would go to social media for a recommendation.

Notice the pattern here?

We're excited to get in depth about the success we see across consistently performing campaigns!

Why do you Need to be on Social Media During your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign?

What if you could have a visual hub for all things representing your brand that clearly communicated what your company stands for?

Open your door to the world of social media!

This is essential to developing your brand identity, building credibility, and creating an online presence that will lead to awareness for potential consumers and investors.

With hours of content uploaded every minute, your potential audience is massive and the possibilities for growth and transparency are endless.

9 Hacks to Make Your Social Media Sizzle for Investors

Hack #1 - Update your social media platforms - Having a raise is great, but where is that raise going if it’s not being announced to your network? Make sure you update all social banners and bios with a clickable link so users know where to go to invest.

Hack #2 - Be consistent - Consistency is key in making sure that your audience recognizes your brand. Staying consistent allows you to grow in audience engagement and reach.

Hack #3 - Make it shareable - Know what’s trending, add value, and include a direct call to action. Saving and sharing weigh the heaviest when it comes to social media algorithms. By making sure your content is shareable, you are sure to reach a wider range of audiences.

Hack #4 - Video, video, video - This is the highest form of engagement we see in content. Create a connection with the viewer, spend more time on the post, and repurpose it into other forms of content.

Hack #5 - Repurpose larger content into multiple social posts - All content is valuable, repurpose blogs and videos in multiple social media posts for more engagement.

Hack #6 - Post campaign milestone - Keep your audience and investors updated along your journey, after all they are shareholders. Create content and achievements for the traction of your raise.

Hack #7 - Create a thunderclap - When you have a huge announcement, have your community and team ready to post it and comment as well. This creates excitement and helps you reach a greater audience, rather than just your network.

Hack #8 - Lean on reporting - The only way to measure anything is with numbers. Reports have all the secrets to get your campaign to have a higher performance.

Hack #9 - Stay organized - Use a campaign calendar to plan out your social posts and stay on top of content.

Take your Campaign to New Heights

Utilizing your social media can be a turning point for your company and equity crowdfunding campaign.

Treat your raise as if it’s a baby announcement, it is your company after all. Don’t make it a secret, have it front and center for everyone to see!

We hope you enjoyed some of these social media hacks and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or directly through our website.

You can also get in touch with Khalil Doheny via LinkedIn. Khalil is a wealth of knowledge and is working on a volume of campaigns as we speak.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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