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Influencer Marketing in 2017


Are you one of the many brands who see's the value in Influencer Marketing but don't know where to start?  The struggle is real, right? We all know that influencers have become a vital component to strategic marketing campaigns, which is why here at DNA we have compiled the 4 topics what will help you choose the right influencers for your campaign. 


1. Compatibility and Competency 

Do your research!  What are other brands doing in your space? What type of content is getting the most engagement, and what type of Influencers are they working with? Start by compiling an Influencer Map based off your research. You should ask yourself, how can you stand off your competitors shoulders? The DNA team always recommends not to put all your eggs in one basket and running a minimum of 10 different Influencer posts.  Mix it up; many Influencers cross over into different verticals. For example, Tech and Fashion Influencers can go together. All to often, we deal with influencers missing dead-lines resulting in pushing back a campaign.  We have found that roughly 30% of Influencers post on time. You will need to account for this and be ready follow-up with them as needed.


2. Engagement

Many influencers have their contact info on the bio of their page. Some use email, others use Kik.  As a rule, with any attempt to reach someone, always be consistent and follow-up if you don't receive a response on the first touch. When working with 150 + influencers on one campaign, time can we very costly. To be efficient, we use template emails that are short, simple and straight to the point. You'll get the most responses on the 3rd and 4th email.  The goal here is to be smart with your resources.  


Hi, I like what you’re doing on Instagram! Really love the _______ and __________ posts. Check out my page _____________. Contact me to collaborate on some content!


Warm Regards,



3. Trust

When developing the strategy and actual posts, both the brand and influencer need to be on the same page. You need to ensure that the content of your campaign aligns with what the influencer believes will resonate best with their audience and your brand's image. Know what products or services you want to promote and let the Influencer work with you to package them for the activation. As much as we don’t’ want to admit it, we only know our audience so well and outside perspectives from Thought Leaders can play a valuable role.


4. Growth

One of the main things we stress to clients about Influencer Marketing is the Branding vs Direct Response results they can anticipate from Influencer executions. Now that you have selected the right vertical segment and sized Influencer Accounts, you will be receiving great view-ability and media value of your posts - but actual growth/sales/installs/leads/backers can be hit or miss.


When choosing influencers, ask yourself, "Where do we see our image going if we pair up? How can our audience benefit and what type of engagement or audience growth can we expect?" Sure, getting a hot model to promote your new sports drink might seem great, but look for the health enthusiast who has built a loyal community around what you believe that will offer substance to your brand's message.

Is their audience responsive? Can you potentially gain sales or leads with this new influencer or are you just going to pay money to hopefully get brand awareness?  


Everything is a test and direct response can be tricky to track with Influencer Marketing.  We ran posts with promo codes of $100 off and found that several of the purchasers didn't take advantage of the promotion. We have found the best way to track direct response is by developing a content calendar and having each influencer post scheduled on a different day. This way you should be able to see a boost from analytics telling you a better story on the performance. This type of data, along with engagement from the posts will help you decide what influencers to continue to work with. Also you can tell which Influencers do not have the best audiences for your brand, and what new type of Influencers you should reach out to for your next campaign.


For every Influencer Marketing campaign we run at DNA, we always have Re-marketing set-up to capture the audiences who did not convert on their first visit.  We have seen brands gain over 15k in organic followers in month one, over $100k in Sales in day one, from $40k to $106k in 4 days in Crowdfunding, over 500k in subscribers by month three and their strongest producing lead gen channel. Influencer Marketing is by far one of the most effective channels to achieve more eyes balls and engagement with your quality content.


Developing an Influencer relationship isn't exactly like a romantic relationship, but many of the same rules I gave you still apply. You can thank me later... 


Happy Influencer hunting!

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