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We successfully help our clients raise

capital through:

  • Regulation D Crowdfunding

  • Regulation A Crowdfunding

  • Regulation CF Crowdfunding

  • Rewards Based Crowdfunding

  • Security Token Offerings


Digital Niche Agency (DNA) has worked with over 290 brands on data-driven marketing campaigns to effectively acquire users, customers, and investors.



We help our clients find industry specific investors that are looking for early stage investment opportunities just like yours. The key to our effectiveness is targeting investors that have historically backed campaigns similar to yours. Our proven methodology increases our clients visibility, getting them in front of key decision makers and financial backers. 

Campaign Strategy

  • Industry Analysis

  • Creative Audit

  • Budget & Timeline Recommendations

  • Target Investor Profile

  • Channel Strategy


  • Social Media Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Blogging

  • Digital Public Relations

Digital Advertising

  • Display Advertising

  • Social Advertising

  • Search Advertising

  • Video Advertising

Strategic OUTREACH

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Co-Branding Opportunities

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Strategic Investors



Charles S. Cotropia, CEO

Crowdfunding is challenging and having a resource like DNA supporting your campaign may very well be the difference between success and failure. Our company has been involved in four crowdfunding efforts and in each, we have engaged a promotion team to assist us. None have been as experienced, effective or responsive as DNA. With DNA, we have received the benefit of their expertise in this field, a true team effort, extreme personal attention and careful and extensive reporting of actions taken and results achieved.  Each of these have factored significantly in making our efforts successful.

Brig Taylor, Founder & CEO

​Awesome, thank you so much Danny! You guys were great to work with - honestly, we always try to do things internally ourselves, and for one of our first stabs at working with an external team you guys made it quite painless and soothed our nerves along the way. Thanks!! ​

Andrew Yakub, Founder & CEO

"I am the CEO of Rayton Inc, a start up high tech solar manufacturing company. I first signed with Digital Niche Agency with the intent of having them promote our crowdfunding campaign. They were able to immediately grasp our complex business plan. They knew what they were doing because after running with DNA for a few weeks we started getting interested investors. We successfully hit our goal of $500K equity investments, and ended up surpassing it to $2.8M. Today, Rayton Inc is one of the most successfully crowdfunded companies on They played an integral role in helping us reach the market we needed to reach. Working with them was a breeze, and they are the only marketing company that would know how to run an equity crowd funding campaign. They truly are a niche agency. I highly recommend the team at DNA to anyone looking to reach their online audience."










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