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We Believe in Good Business

This series started during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the hopes we could help out struggling businesses. 

We understand how hard it is to work with a tight budget, yet we’ve seen what has happened to brands that have throttled or stopped marketing altogether. Many have shuttered.

We’re giving our best advice and guidance on our series. Advice that you might pay tens of thousands for in a course or as a service. To make sure that if you’re serious about marketing, you’re doing it right and optimizing your campaigns.

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Jason Fishman

Co-Founder & CEO Jason Fishman Jason has 10+ years experience as a “New Media Enthusiast”, who genuinely enjoys planning, activating, and managing scalable marketing strategies across the full-spectrum of verticals and goals. He is an expert in digital channels including Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Programmatic Ad Exchanges, Influencer Networks, Email Automation, Content Marketing, and Partnerships. He has held leadership roles at all sides of the marketing table.

MacEwen Patterson

Campaign Architect MacEwen Patterson MacEwen's campaign-design has surpassed expectations across verticals. Notable web-video content drove a 4000% increase in web-traffic to a national arts education non-profit site, and peripheral materials engaged 1400 new advocates, on the ground, across 50 states, within six months.

Irene Hyder

Head Media Buyer Irene Hyder Irene Hyder is a talented Marketing Director turned Industry-Leading Media Buyer who has proven track record demonstrating ability to solve problems, create digital marketing campaigns of all industries.



Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies 

We can all agree that the impact Covid-19 has been unprecedented in recent times, and we can see how quarantine is effecting the economy. Almost all transactions have been digital and some businesses have thrived like never before. The key difference between these fortunate few is their digital marketing. Register today to learn about Facebook Advertising Strategies that's working us and our clients!

Become a Pro-Level Content Marketer During the Global 

Everyone is glued to their computers and the global appetite for meaningful content is hitting new spikes each week. Your loyal fans, followers, and advocates are seeking authentic connection above all else. We're going to walk you through the steps to developing a brand narrative which resonates with your audience and your values. At DNA, we believe that, "people connect with brands on a human level," and that, "authenticity is always unique -- people always connect to it." We'll help you draw out the content elements that speak loudest and show you how to highlight them with high-quality production value in a manner that is easy to achieve in your home work environment.

Make Content Marketing Count - The Data Behind The Strategy

Many marketers measure their paid efforts meticulously and lump organic content results into a nebulous catch-all category of 'awareness' or 'engagement' but there are real numbers to learn from an organic social campaign. From running weekly reports across platforms to guaging sentiment there are numerous ways to tag, track, measure, and improve your organic content results by putting focus on the proper set-up. Whether you're a content manager at an agency overseeing multiple accounts on a scheduling and publishing tool, or you're a director of marketing with a small team publishing straight onto platforms, you'll want to attend and see how you can use the tools to measure success, gain insights, and ultimately, "Test. Optimize. (and) Scale." your campaigns!