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5 Tips to Strengthen Your Email Campaigns - TechDay Written by - Connor Woods-Tut

[Originally published on TechDayHQ]

When searching for ways to increase traffic to your company, the answer may be in an unlikely place: emails. It may surprise you, but for years, email marketing has been a valuable tool to increase revenue and traffic to your business. For every $1 spent, marketing through emails generates $38 in ROI (return on investment). When comparing email marketing to social media, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than twitter or facebook. (McKinsey).

Just like anything else, the better your strategy and execution, the better the results. Through research, our team has come up with 5 tips to strengthen your email campaigns to maximize results.

Tip 1. Properly format your emails

Correctly formatting your emails is the difference between your email being read, or being put in the trash. 71% of people will delete an email immediately if it doesn't appear correctly on their mobile device. (Litmus).

Picking not only a professional template but one that is also mobile-friendly is crucial. 77% of email opens are on mobile devices, and yet businesses regularly overlook how their emails may appear on the mobile platform. Services like MailChimp ensure that your emails will display appropriately on different mediums.

Tip 2. Constantly Test

To ensure the effectiveness of your emails, it's essential to continually test and look at the data to find your improvement points. Testing different subject lines and times of day for deployment can help perfect your email marketing campaign. Testing different deployment times can let you know the best time to send emails, and even what days customers are most likely to buy on. Messing with your subject lines, and maybe adding emojis, can also maximize the number of people that open your emails. Effective email marketers often use A/B testing to find the variables that cause the most change specifically. Through constant minor tweaks and tests, you can ultimately find the best conditions to maximize your email marketing campaign.

Tip 3. A clear call to action

Having a clear call to action is vital in converting your email readers to customers. Email readers do not have all day to read through a long email to find out what you are offering or the reason you are emailing them. According to Milan Malivuk, director of Marketing at itracMarketer, you typically have about 5 seconds for the reader to find your call-to-action before they delete your email. Having one clear call to action will help you convert your email subscribers into customers.

Tip 4. Personalize

Personalizing your emails can give your subscribers a sense of connection to your business. When readers are sent a mass email, they often won't feel the need to open your email or give your call to action any thought. Even adding basic things like addressing the reader by their name or adding their name to the subject line will entice them to read and give your call to action more thought. According to Experian, putting the readers' name in the subject line increases the likelihood of the email to be opened by 26%. Following the one-size-fits-all model is no longer acceptable. In addition to addressing the reader by name, specializing the content of the email to the readers' interest will also give them a greater sense of connection. Luckily with email automation, the task of creating these personalized emails is no longer difficult.

Tip 5. Segment/organize emails

One of the biggest things you can do to increase your email marketing campaign is segmenting your email lists. According to DMA, marketers who use segmentation in the email marketing campaigns yield a 760% increase in email revenue!! By sending different emails to different targeted groups, you can maximize your email marketing campaign. Grouping your email list by different demographics such as age or location, gives your readers emails tailored to their interests. Different demographics can be interested in different products or offers, and figuring this out can create massive results.

With the 5 tips listed above, you can turn your email marketing campaign from an add-on to your business to your primary source of revenue. With the constant evolution of technology, email marketing has stood the test of time and will continue to be a relevant part of a successful business.

We always love to hear from readers and we’re excited to be posting here on TechDayHQ. What methods are you using to strengthen your email campaigns? Any we missed? Reach out with insights. Thanks for taking this in!

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