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Case Study: AtomBeam Campaign Celebrates 6-Figure Victory With DNA

​​At DNA, we're proud to be a shining example of how a full-service digital marketing/advertising agency can bring out the best in the businesses we work with. AtomBeam, a compaction software company, has been our longtime partner. During their recent offering, they raised an astonishing $3,047,211 in investments!

”We have raised far more with DNA than we ever could have on our own.” - Charles Yeomans, CEO of AtomBeam.

The proof is in the pudding. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the equity crowdfunding space is proven to take companies to new heights.

How We Maintain Momentum

Naturally, marketing will always keep you on your toes. Think of equity crowdfunding like a wild roller coaster ride. One moment your campaign is at its highest peak, the next it is at a standstill.

One of the challenges we faced with AtomBeam was slow momentum during the middle of the campaign. Being the quick critical thinkers we are, our team tested out new strategies. By having our client create personalized videos, we were able to build a big retargeting pool by driving cheap traffic from multiple platforms. (Taboola, TikTok, etc).

*Additionally, we scaled up massively during closing and produced profitable returns.

Skyrocketing Numbers and Striking Results

  • Total spend: $191,893.07

  • Reach: 1,868,528

  • Impressions: 4,619,506

  • CPM: $41.54

  • CTR: 2.37%

  • CPC: $1.75

  • Purchases: 354

  • Purchases conversion value: $474,713.01

  • ROAS (pixel): 2.47

  • ROAS (total): 14.01

  • Amount raised (total): $3,047,211

  • Total Investors: 1450

*Due to iOS 14.5 limitations, only about 30% of the conversion data from the Facebook pixel is accurate

AtomBeam Press Features:

Let Us Take Your Campaign to New Heights Today!

We’re proud of our roots in traditional agency life. Our team has developed a process that takes into account each aspect of an integrated digital campaign.

We look at each project from your perspective and work to identify ways that our efforts can benefit your campaign. Our clients love our experience and our passion for their success, making us an extension of their team. Visit our website today to see how we can optimize your campaign!

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