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Checking It Twice: A Founder's Checklist for Crowdfunding Success

If you missed our recent webinar, we provided a wealth of carefully tailored knowledge to help you supercharge your equity crowdfunding campaigns. But don't worry—we've got you covered with this comprehensive recap! 

Hosts with the Most

Co-founder Jason Fishman and Head of Business Development Danny Shapouri hosted the event. Their combined expertise set the stage for a webinar experience like no other! They offered unique seasonal insights to give your campaign strategies that extra edge.

For those who want to dive deeper, you can download a copy of the webinar deck here.

What We Covered

  • Strategic Networking: Learned how to tap into the right networks to amplify your campaign's reach and effectiveness.

  • Conference Leverage: Discovered how to make the most out of industry conferences to boost your campaign's visibility and credibility.

  • Outreach Mastery: Got the lowdown on crafting compelling outreach campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

  • Brand Enhancement: Explored strategies to elevate your brand's image, making it more appealing to potential investors.

  • Social Strategies + More!: Unveiled the latest social media tactics and other innovative methods to make your campaign stand out.

Don't Miss Out Next Time!

If you couldn't attend this webinar, watch for our future events. Here's to your crowdfunding success! 

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