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Copywriting Hacks To Write Ads That Convert Investors

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Copywriting is an essential component of any marketing campaign. It takes a combination of creativity, messaging, and unbeatable execution to get people excited about what you offer.

The most successful copywriters are the ones who can turn words into action. If you are looking to find ways to improve your ad spend and drive new leads, there are a number of copywriting hacks you can use to make your ads more effective.

In our recent Copywriting Hacks webinar, DNA team members share a few key pieces of insight for more effective copywriting, whether you’re sending out emails, or trying to sell a product.

Write With Your Investor In Mind

The first step in writing with your investor in mind, is understanding who your investor is.

This is a critical step, as investors will read every word you write to them. When writing to your investor, remember to relate to your core values, and use language that supports your mission, and reiterate why investors should care about your company or product.

Make it Short, Skimmable, & Eye Catching

Use a simple, general structure in your content that will help you stand out from other posts.

Short, crisp copy highlighting key insights and inspiring user’s action is more engaging than long descriptive paragraphs. Users are more likely to read the headline and follow through with the rest of the content if they are engaged.

Don’t forget to make sure it’s skimmable so that it doesn’t look like an email ad!

Have a Clear & Direct CTA

The call to action or CTA, should be distinct from the rest of the copy. That way, when someone engages with your ad, they know exactly what they need to do next. This will help convert more investments and energize your target audience.

A good CTA helps convince potential supporters your product, service, or company is worth their time and money.

Having this kind of clarity in messaging can increase sign-ups, investments, and engagements.

Focus on the Benefits of Investing

Writing about your investment opportunity can raise your traffic to your raise page while bringing in new leads. This means defining what type of impact you’re hoping to create, explaining why your approach is better than others, and communicating clearly about how your organization will achieve your goals.

A game-changing piece of copy contains all the information an investor might need to decide if they want to become a backer.

Include Social Proof and Third-Party Validation

Include industry research and validation from other experts in the space so you can demonstrate your expertise.

The more social proof a product or company has, the more likely it is to achieve a significant result in the marketplace.

The third-party validation method uses publicly available information to support validity. Include third-party validation in videos, descriptions of products, and any other places where people can learn more about your brand or product. Then use social proof to drive more engagement!

Make it Emotional

We see things differently when we’re motivated by emotion, and this is a good thing because it can help us make better decisions and succeed more often.

Keep in mind, your audience will make decisions emotionally, and this works in your favor.

By harnessing the power of emotion, you can create copy that empowers your customer to make the best decision possible.

Make it Urgent

The greater the urgency, the greater the reward. An urgent investment campaign incentivizes the investor to make a quick decision, they are also more likely to act in a meaningful way.

Formatting your copy to maximize attention is a powerful tactic for getting people to act now.

Urgency is the key to getting your clients engaged. They build trust, grab attention, and peak interest.

The Words You Write Matter

The best way to make content stand out is by using powerful words.

Copywriting influences the way people perceive your brand, even if it’s just through the power of suggestion, or a single CTA.

Writing compelling copy that matches your messaging and appeals to the truth of what your client is feeling or thinking can generate leads, boost search engine rankings, and convert visitors into investors.

Curious to learn how to apply these copywriting hacks to your own business to improve your online presence? Watch the full discussion between CEO, Jason Fishman, and DNA Copywriter, Sara Bradbury here.

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tahir12 abbas
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