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Creating Email Drips for Your Equity Crowdfunding Marketing Campaign

How can you generate leads on a budget? The answer is email marketing.

One of the most effective ways to reach out to potential investors and build relationships with them is by creating a series of emails that will be sent in intervals. This is called email drip marketing.

The first email in the series should be sent immediately after the prospect signs up for your mailing list, and then continue over time. If done correctly, this will foster trust and loyalty for your brand in the mind of the recipient.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about email drips for your equity crowdfunding marketing campaign, including the “what?”, “why?”, and “how?”!

What are Email Drips?

An email drip is an automated canned sequence of emails that are sent when a contact meets a specific trigger.

Note: An email drip is NOT an email newsletter. An email newsletter is a one-time blast to your entire contact list or segment of your contact list.

For example, say you have a new client that you want to educate and onboard during the first week they become your customer. You could send them three separate emails over the course of the week. Or you could set up an email drip and let it handle the work for you.

Why Do You Need Them in Equity Crowdfunding?

Email drip campaigns are a great way to engage and convert cold leads into investors!

In order to move leads through your funnel, it’s important to share relevant content that allows them to learn more about your business and the problem it’s solving.

Email drips are a great way to accomplish this because they allow you to send targeted content in an automated way.

Overview of an Email Drip Funnel

How to Create an Email Drip Campaign

Step 1: Create Facebook Lead Form Ads

Step 2: Plan and Write Email Drip Sequence

DNA Recommends Two Email Drips:

-Prospective Email Drip: An email drip for cold leads. This drip is connected to your Facebook Lead Form Ad Campaign

-Converted Email Drip: An email drip for new investors. This drip is NOT connected to Facebook. Rather this drip is manually triggered when you upload new investors to your investor lists.

Prospective Investor Drip Content

Content Ideas (What Kind of Content Will Inspire Investors to Invest?):

  • Welcome Email

  • Market Opportunity

  • Competitor Analysis / Unique Differentiators

  • Product Demos

  • Existing Traction / Growth / Product Development

  • Existing Capital Raised

  • Top Reasons to Invest

  • Investor / Customer Testimonials

  • Press Features

  • Evergreen Blogs / Vlogs

Example Prospective Email Drip:

Email 1: Welcome to [Company!]

“Welcome to [CLIENT NAME]! 👋

We’re excited you’re here and interested in learning more about our investment opportunity!


It takes a community to disrupt an industry.

Which is why, at this time [CLIENT NAME] has opened it’s investor community on [RAISE PAGE] to those who want to join our mission.

We think there's a huge opportunity to partner with the community of people who share our vision of doing our best thinking.

Please check out our raise page and campaign video.

[Embed Campaign Video]

We've designed a number of perks with our “investomers”, or customers who believe in us enough that they want to jump aboard and invest, which you can also check out on [RAISE PAGE].

Together we can reap the rewards of our success and more importantly take an entire industry by storm.

When people ask who did it, you’ll say “We did it”.

Visit our raise page and download our pitch deck to learn more about [COMPANY NAME] and how you can join our investment opportunity.





Email 2: Why [Market] is a Great Investment Opportunity

Subject Line: The [NICHE] Market is BOOMING!

Preview Text: Don’t miss out on the momentum…

Knowing the true market potential for any business or product is crucial to making a smart investment opportunity.

When we came up with the idea behind [COMPANY], we knew that it was an innovative idea that could truly benefit the lives of thousands of people around the world. However, we also knew that it was crucial to take a look at the industry and see if it made sense from a business standpoint.

What we found was truly astonishing! Look at these numbers:




The bottom line is that the [NICHE] market is continuing to grow as it responds to challenging requirements for [GROWTH OF INDUSTRY].

The sector grew despite strong economic, political, global trade, and technological anxieties. The industry has long outperformed the general economy, largely because it reflects opportunities beyond domestic markets.

For a limited time you can invest in [COMPANY] and take advantage of the upward trends and momentum this market is experiencing.

For more information, please check out our [LINK TO RAISE PAGE]





Email 3: Press Feature

Subject line: [COMPANY] Gets Featured on [PRESS FEATURE]

Preview Text: Check it out!

[COMPANY NAME] was Founded in [YEAR], where we developed [INSERT COMPANY INFO].

Since that time, we've been hard at work [INSERT COMPANY MISSION / VISION].

We also have been fortunate enough to win a couple of awards, and be featured in major publications, including [PRESS FEATURE].

In our feature, the author states, “[INSERT COMPELLING QUOTE FROM ARTICLE].” I invite you to take a look at it, and let me know if you have any questions.

Read the full article here.





Converted Investor Drip Content

Content Ideas (What Kind of Content Will Inspire Investors to Re-Invest?):

  • Thank You Email

  • Investor Survey

  • Investor Digital Gift

  • Investor Call

Example Converted Email Drip:

Email 1: Thank You For Investing

Subject Line: Thanks For Investing in [CLIENT NAME]

Preview Text: We’re excited you’ve joined our investor community

Welcome to the [CLIENT NAME] investor community. 👋

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your investment and let you know that I’m thrilled you’ve decided to join us as an investor in [CLIENT NAME]

Your support is paramount to our continued success, as we look to scale our production, build more brand awareness, and become the leader in Peruvian vodka.

As an investor in [CLIENT NAME], here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Updates on the traction in the [CLIENT NAME] business

  • The latest and greatest content from the [CLIENT NAME] blog

  • Updates on future investment opportunities in [CLIENT NAME]

Our primary mode of communication will be email, as we’ll send you updates straight to your inbox with the latest milestones, content, and more.

Sound good?


Here’s what you need to do so you don’t miss a thing:

Step 1: Make sure you’re getting our emails

Whitelist and prioritize all emails from [CLIENT NAME]

We recommend adding this email address to your Contacts and dragging any of our emails into your ‘Priority’ inbox to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Step 2: Follow us on social media

Take a few seconds to follow [CLIENT NAME] on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn so you can stay up to date with all the action!

Facebook -

Instagram -

LinkedIn -

Again, on behalf of the entire [CLIENT NAME] team, we’re stoked that you’re here and we’re excited to take an entire industry by storm with you.






Email 2: Investor Survey

Subject Line: We need your help!

Preview Text: You’re input is invaluable to [CLIENT NAME]


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for investing in [CLIENT NAME.] We’re beaming with excitement that you’re here, and we can’t wait to hit major milestones with you.

My team and I have been working night and day to make our vision come to fruition, and create more awareness about [CLIENT NAME].

I was curious if you could help us for a brief moment?

We’ve put together an investor survey to learn more about your choice to invest in [CLIENT NAME].

Could you fill out the survey for us?

I promise it’ll take less than 5 minutes to complete!

By gathering more insights on your choice to invest in [CLIENT NAME], we hope to make more strategic decisions that will grow our investor community faster, and ultimately become the number #1 in [INDUSTRY NICHE].

I appreciate your support and consideration!

[Button: Complete Investor Survey]






Email 3: Re-Investment Call

Subject Line: Interested in Investing 3K+?

Preview Text: I’d love to chat with you 📱


I realize there are no shortages of investment options being pitched out there today. With that comes tons of opportunities to make good decisions that will yield a long-term ROI.

For that, I thank you again for choosing [CLIENT NAME] and believing in my mission and vision.

Trust me, I will work relentlessly to scale, and always make the best decisions with you in mind.

I’m thrilled to say that our offering is in popular demand, and many investors have reached out to me personally to discuss larger investment opportunities. In fact, I’ve booked out time specifically in my Calendly to accommodate the influx of requests.

If you’re interested in re-investing in [CLIENT NAME] in the future and becoming a larger stakeholder in the company, then let’s chat. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to book a time on my calendar.

If none of the times work for you, reach out. I’ll get back to you with options that work for both of us.





Step 3: Create Email Drip Sequence in Your Email Marketing Tool

First, you’ll need to create two new audiences - A prospective investor audience and a converted investor audience.

From there, you can develop your email drips in your email marketing tool.

Step 4: Integrate Facebook Lead Form Ads With Email Marketing Tool

For prospective investor drips, it’s important to integrate your Facebook lead form with your email drip campaign.

That way, whenever a new lead is added in Facebook, they automatically get added to your email list, which will trigger the contact to go through the email drip. DNA recommends using a paid Zapier plan to create the integration.

Step 5: Turn Your Campaign On!

Once your prospective investor zapier integration is live, you can turn on your email drip campaign in your email marketing tool!

If you have existing leads, you’ll need to upload them to your prospective investor email list, which will automatically trigger them to go through the email sequence.

If you have existing investors, you’ll need to upload them to your converted investor email list, which will automatically trigger them to go through the email sequence.

***Note: Converted investor campaigns need to be manually managed! All new investors to the campaign need to be manually uploaded as there currently no zapier integrations with equity crowdfunding portals.

Questions? Reach out!

We hope you find this information valuable as you prepare your equity crowdfunding campaign!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our executive team. We would love to chat with you.

For your convenience, we’ve made our pitch deck available for free download! Please feel free to use it as a reference whenever you like.

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