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Fundamentals to Market your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

At DNA we've worked with over 500 brands to date! With 300 investor acquisitions and working on Reg D and since 2014 as well as Reg CF. We have a large portfolio of equity crowdfund clients.

So why market your equity crowdfunding campaign? We’re here to show you our 8-point marketing plan (which we wrote in Forbes!) to help you visualize why marketing your campaign is essential.

8-Point Marketing Plan

This is an algorithmic strategy to set up goals, clear KPIs. Think of it as a fancy way of saying the metrics you want to measure. The key performance indicators help measure success and failure. It's designed to be as simple yet all encompassing.

The first two sections are research heavy.

  • Section 1: Industry overview.

  • Section 2: Competitor marketing audit.

Competitor marketing audit is the most valuable section of the strategy. We wanna know exactly what other issuers are doing today to obtain market share, to obtain investors that you'll be going after essentially as well on your portal, on other portals.

What publishers are talking about them? What influencers, what investor emails, what time and day are they putting out their social posts? How often are those social posts going out, are third parties reposting? How many, who are they running? Advertising? What do theirs look like?

There are databases to find all this, even how much they're spending on ads and the targeting that they're using. Success leaves clues that should be standing on their shoulders.

So now, as you get to the microelements of the strategy, you get to the following sections: Section 3: Target audiences.

Section 4: Marketing channels.

Section 5: Creative.

Section 6: Distribution.

You want to map out where they go online. Do they check email? What social platforms are they on? Where are they at on a daily basis? Where do they get the news? Who influences them?

A presence for all places during your investor acquisition campaign is important. Posting organic from a content mode, marketing standpoint. Always make sure that paid advertising is consistent, because paid is scalable. You want to see if there are any advertising opportunities and how you could be engaging these touch points organically.

Everything feeds into section seven.

Section 7: Projections.

How much is this all gonna cost? And then what is physically gonna be produced?

Section 8: Executive summary.

This helps people so they can read it and get immediate sense. The plan is more about the process than the finished product and having your team go through all these stages. Typically over four weeks is what we recommend. We’ve done three day workshops to get people from stage one to okay, let's launch, but it's far more time intensive. Now you have your roadmap on how you're gonna hit your goal.

Thank-you For Your Time!

We hope this provides a more clear understanding of the fundamentals of marketing your campaign. If you want to watch a more in depth explanation you can watch our YouTube video here!

Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have on beginning your equity crowdfunding campaign journey!

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