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How to Get Facebook Ads Working for You in 2023

Facebook: The #1 Platform in the World

Facebook has a staggering 2.96 billion active users each month. If you want your product/business to be noticed, advertising is a must. The social platform giant is the perfect tool for companies running paid ads to gain more profits.

If you want Facebook ads to be successful for you by 2023, you need to decide on a goal for each campaign. Create ads that inspire people to take action. There are a variety of advertisement options for any goal you may have. This includes traffic, conversions, and engagement.

Campaign Goals

You want to build an audience, so you should set up a campaign. Start by identifying 4-6 audiences that would be interested in what you have to offer — this is what we call the top of the funnel. Your product/brand/investment opportunity will be geared toward cold audiences, audiences that are not already aware of the product.

While running a traffic campaign, you'll need to install a tracking pixel, which is a code that you plug in on the backend of a site to track events that happen on the site. The installed pixel allows you to create conversion goal campaigns. In conversion goal campaigns, you’re targeting warm audiences. You can achieve this by using pixel lookalikes, page engagement lookalikes, and pixel event lookalikes. In conversion goal campaigns, it’s best to plug in email lists and lookalikes from an email list.

What are lookalikes? A lookalike audience is a way your ads can reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they share similar characteristics to your existing customers. (We see a lot of conversions here).

Once you have built up an audience in the range of 1000 to 50000 individuals, you should set up a conversion goal remarketing campaign. The point of this strategy is to constantly promote ads that will motivate your prospects to take action.

A great deal of the conversions we observe come from remarketing, so it's essential to keep your target audience captivated and informed on how they can make their commitment and why. It is a useful tool that allows you to target people who have visited your website. This also applies to those who have taken other actions on your website, such as adding items to their cart or initiating the checkout process. PRO TIP: make an ad schedule with new ads sent out each week.


As an experienced marketer, I always advocate carrying out lead generation – getting the contact information from potential investors – and page likes campaigns. This is invaluable in marketing. You can communicate with them as much as you wish without paying for costly ad impressions (CPMs). Moreover, you can generate lookalikes from the gathered emails, giving you new prospects to market to.

Page likes are an inexpensive and effective way to expand your natural crowd at a low cost of between $.15-$1 per like. Everything you post will be seen by individuals who have already shown interest.

It takes 3-8 touchpoints before a conversion occurs, so it's important to use organic approaches as an additional touchpoint. For example, we run an ad, and the audience sees it—a week later, we run a lead generation ad and ask them to like our page for news & updates. Now we can send them an email, post on Instagram or Facebook, and send out a conversion goal ad…. And that’s where the magic happens.

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