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In Case You Missed It: 9 Things you Should do In-Between Raises Webinar Recap

Has your recent raise concluded and you’re left wondering what to do in between now and the next one? We’re here to help!

DNA recently hosted an exclusive webinar about the nine things you should do in-between raises. In case you missed it, here's a quick rundown of what was discussed:

  • Tactics you should use between raises

  • Growing your business

  • Crafting your story

  • Creating a strong social presence

  • And much more!

Your Raise Is Over So What’s Next?

Your raise might have come to an end, but now is the perfect time to prep for the next funding round. You have a large audience of new investors or individuals that expressed interest in investing with you. Now is the time to take action by showing them that they joined the right team!

Growing your business, audience, revenue, or product/services can help result in a higher valuation for the next raise. Investors want to see action and those that were hesitant to invest have more incentive to come back to the table when they see how the company performs.

Make Investors Aware Of Your Next Steps!

Investors want to be involved in your business and understand where their money is going. This is a great time to craft a storyline for your business by informing investors as to why you need more funding. Giving updates as to how you plan to pivot and your plans for the future can help paint a better picture for those interested in investing.

It’s important to maintain a social presence and use your platforms as a way to push out these business updates. Creating Facebook and linkedin groups for investors is a great way to start conversation and build connections. Being an active member in your created community will show your passion for what you're doing as well as your goals for the future.

Want to Learn More? Watch Our Webinar Recap Or Reach Out To Us Directly!

Last week's webinar was a huge success. In case you missed it, you can find the entire recording on YouTube and watch it whenever you'd like!

We've also provided a link for you to get your hands on our free webinar deck that covers everything discussed during the webinar.

Make sure to join us at the next event!

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