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Marketing Channels… You’re Doing It Wrong

Marketing channels should work in tandem to give investors a full picture of your company.

If you only have information on one channel and not others, you are missing out on potential investors who may only be active on one specific platform!

For example, if someone is looking at Twitter to see what is going on with your company, they will not see information that they would get from Facebook or LinkedIn.

In today's article, we're going to talk about how your channels support each other so that you can make sure that your campaign gets all the attention you deserve.

Touchpoints Lead to Conversions

What does the process of becoming an investor look like? There’s a bunch of ways: maybe you hear about it from an expert, or from a friend, or you find out about it through some channel that isn’t business-related at all.

For example, you might learn about an opportunity from someone on Facebook, and then check out their website to see what the company’s all about. You're really curious about the company now, so you look at their social media, check their blog to see how frequently they post, and sniff around to see if anyone else is talking about them.

You might even be interested enough to reach out to someone who has already invested in them and pump them for information about why they bought-in. This leads you down the path of further research into the company's status, what their executive team looks like, what their plans are for being successful in the future, the whole nine yards.

Finally, you complete your due diligence and make an investment - maybe not right away, but after a few touch points throughout this process that demonstrate that this is a good company with solid people behind it. All of this information, from start to finish, is coruscating through different, mutually supporting marketing channels.

Your Marketing Channels Support One Another!

Marketing channels are all mutually supportive, and work together to reach your goal. They build awareness, create a desire for your product or services, and turn leads into investors or customers.

While each channel may be unique in its own way, the underlying objective is always the same: encourage action from the lead.

Marketing channels are not competitors, they're partners. This is especially important when you're marketing to investors.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Subject matter experts and industry insiders believe that there are several different touch points in the investor recruitment process, each of which may be more effective than others depending on the circumstances of your business.

It's a well-known fact that most people are active on multiple communication channels. It's also a well-known fact that different people prefer different channels - some people want to spend more time on Facebook, other people who like to communicate via email, and there are some who are more active on other social media platforms.

The point is that these days, it's important to maintain a presence on as many platforms as possible to reach the maximum number of customers/clients/candidates as possible.

We hope you find this insight valuable! Best of luck to you and your marketing.

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