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The Top Investor & User Acquisition Agency

Attracting Engagement Through Strategic Advertising, Content Marketing, and Outreach to Effectively Raise Capital.


Data Driven Results

We’ve bolstered over 750 brands on data-driven marketing campaigns to effectively acquire users, customers, and investors.


Raised in Capital


Return On Ad Spend Goal


Investor Marketing Campaigns


DNA's 8-Point Strategy

We take you through everything you'll need for your digital marketing campaign to kick-off your campaign with a bang!

Our one month strategies provide the direction you need to maximize the value from your marketing efforts.

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Digital Marketing Services

DNA produces outstanding performance for brands with a well mapped out strategy, activating across our three core areas of focus.

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Digital Advertising

We specialize in reaching very targeted audiences through the development and activation of powerful traffic sources.

  • 1st party audience data with over 1 million historical digital investors

  • Regularly produce 3-10x ROAS on ad pixel tracking

  • Utilize multiple social media, search engine, & sponsored placements

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Content Marketing

​​We work with you to consistently develop and distribute content to showcase momentum each week and keep your audience engaged.

  • Visual and messaging strategy, user journey, & calendar

  • Consistent distribution across selected channels

  • Development of short-form, email funnels, and long-form content

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Strategic Outreach

DNA creates strategic digital marketing plans that help your business identify the right audience and the best methods of surpassing your revenue goals.

  • We strategize email, LinkedIn, and publisher outreach campaigns to spread the word and get your campaign on the map.

  • ​​Outreach gives your brand the third-party validation that it needs to stand out in the crowd.

  • ​​We harness outreach to expand your networks and partnerships to get insights into your offering.


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