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23 ways to market your campaign this year Webinar Recap

Now that we’re settled into the New Year, it’s time to re-strategize! We took a deep dive into all of the effective ways to market your campaign in 2023.

Is Paid Media Still Effective?

Despite Apple's app tracking transparency framework. Advertising has withstood the test of time. This strategy tool is an infinite networking web. It gives you control over any information pushed out or brought in.

Data analytics can measure demographics such as age, gender, interests, and more. You can actually start with low levels and scale up. Once you get a better feel of who your ads are reaching and the engagement levels, you can adjust content as needed.

It's incredibly important to only target people who will boost exposure. Efficacy is more important than volume!

*Be sure to check out KingsCrowd! Research your competitors. Think to yourself: Where do campaigns stand compared to other campaigns?

Consistent Content Marketing is Key

When it comes to your startup business, you want everything on display. Anything under the sun, moon, and stars that provides social proof, exceptional stats, testimonials, etc., should be communicated through consistent socials, blogs, and updates.

*Stay up to date with publisher outreach for what’s on the come up and ones that are washed out.

Another thing to note: The objective at hand is to raise capital, but you don’t want a tone-deaf business. Keep an eye on the real world and what’s happening in current events. Show your community you are aware and care.

With that being said, investor relations are essential. You always want to nurture your current investors, as well as your potential.

Additional Tips

AI tools are an advanced way to enhance your content. The more eye-catching it is, the more engagement you’ll attract! Another thing to keep in mind is awareness.

Third-Party Outreach: Reaching out to publishers significantly boosts your company's social proof. Press releases, content promotion, influencer marketing, etc., are the way to go.

Thank You For Your Time!

Spread the word to your network about how DNA can boost your crowdfunding ventures today.

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