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4 Tactics for Crushing at Facebook Ads

There are more than 1.6 billion people connected on Facebook who spend an average of two hours engaging with posts, more now with the world staying home. Many businesses are connecting with those users via Facebook’s advertising software, Facebook Ads Manager, to share their message to thousands of users.

We outperform most groups in the space and have put together our top tips for successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

Our agency has seen an upward trend in Facebook advertising in the campaigns we’ve run for over 300 brands since 2014. Here's how we recommend you optimize your ad spend.

Be Creative with your Creative

There is a flood of posts your target audience scrolls through every day and the chance your ad will be read or interacted with are slim. The good side of this is that your rival’s ad is most likely being scrolled by, but the bad side is that your post could be scrolled through too. UNLESS, your creative is a showstopper and grabs the viewers’ attention. It’s almost like driving on a freeway slightly glancing at different billboards, but only reading those that draw our attention enough to read. The key is to be different!

Yes, it is important to be concise and straight to the point with your offer in the text, but do not be afraid to play with the wording a bit. Another GREAT variable is the media attached. Social media is very much a visual landscape, especially Instagram and Facebook. Even on Facebook blog posts, the audience looks at the profile pic attached before reading the content. Use this to experiment and express your passion for your brand and niche out the themes that draw in your customers.

Create Unique Ad Sets for Each Audience

Facebook is incredible with collecting and organizing data based on performance of ads. However, if only one broad audience is targeted through one ad set, you limit the ability to optimize which audience to target more. Specifically, you would miss out on utilizing the data built off the Facebook pixel for each ad set. When you have multiple ad sets for different targeted audiences, you can easily manage which audience to allocate more of your budget towards, after reviewing the initial performance.

A/B Test Different Creatives and Properly Place Them

As mentioned before, creativity is a huge variable, and proper organization can make optimization much smoother for the long term. A Facebook Ad consists of three corresponding levels from top to the bottom: the campaign, the ad set, and the ad. The campaign can have multiple ad sets under it and an ad set can have multiple ads within it. Creatives are placed in the ad section, however A/B testing should be indicated during the campaign set-up process. It is crucial to test multiple ads for your different audiences to spot which creative variables perform better. Your audience’s data will be properly collected and displayed clearly when everything is properly arranged.

Give Your Test Ads Some Time

There are many reasons a certain ad could outperform another one. The first variable is the time of the day and the day of the week. To understand how well your ad converts throughout the week, it is important to test for seven days minimum. This also covers the variable of when your audience better resonates with your product/service. For example, work related items would more likely do better early to mid-week, and leisure items could be better mid to the late-week. Lastly, if you know your product or service is more time sensitive to the time within a month or year, consider testing accordingly.

Understanding how to advertise in your industry takes some time and it is important not to get discouraged, especially during the learning phase. Your ads are competing with thousands of other ads for a spot in front of your audience, and you can win by strategically allocating more of your budget to successful ads or by creating higher quality ads that serve your guests the best.

These are a few tips, to make sure your Facebook Ad campaigns start off on the right track. At DNA, we call it our “Test. Optimize. Scale.” approach to growing campaigns and exceeding goals. Happy Marketing. You can always call on us for advice and guidance.

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