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5 Steps to Creating a Catchy Slogan

Need a hand in creating a new slogan? We know that finding the perfect slogan for your brand can be a difficult process. Just a couple of words can either gain or turn away a customer’s interest in your brand. It is essential to have a slogan that suits your brand that also engages your audience.

Here are some tips we have gathered to make your journey to creating a slogan easier and effective:

Think about how your brand is different and how you can make your consumers’ lives easier.

People don’t care about products and services that won’t benefit them, so how can your brand enhance the lives of your consumers? Walmart’s current slogan is, “Save Money. Live Better.”, and it is effective because who doesn’t want to live an improved life while on a budget? Walmart knows its strengths lie within its low prices even though they sell similar products and services as their competitors. What attributes makes your brand stand out from the rest?

Write down the different products and/or services your brand offers.

After you make a list, take a look at everything you’re written down and pick out the ones you think are most helpful and desirable to your consumers. What is the main purpose of your products? It would also be helpful to write down some adjectives that you think best describes the spirit of your brand. Think of positive and motivational words.

Make another list and write down ways your brand makes your consumers feel good about themselves.

Your slogan should make your consumers feel empowered, while also reeling them back to your brand. Everyone knows Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan; it’s iconic and timeless. But why? The words, “just do it” provide an inspirational and motivational essence, creating a feeling in consumers that they can achieve greatness through Nike’s products.

After brainstorming a couple of different reasons, pick out the words and phrases that stand out to you the most.

When you have your ideas selected, mix and match them to see what flows. Keep your slogan short and sweet! A long slogan is not effective because your audience will never remember it! If you come up with a sentence or two, you can reword it to create a mission statement. Otherwise, keep it to a couple of words, about 3-6 words.

Once you have a list of potential slogans, ask your co-workers for some input!

Getting insight from the people who know your brand the best is never harmful. Make sure that your co-workers know that a slogan is being created so not only are they being kept in the loop but they can contribute and add value to the words that represent your company. Share your lists and see what your co-workers come up with. Collaboration is key when you are coming up with something new and exciting!

Of course, your slogan may not be a hit at first, but trial and error will be your best friend. Keep all of your notes! There are many ways you can utilize your unused ideas. At DNA, we have followed these steps and concluded with this slogan: Test. Optimize. Scale. Through the process of finding this slogan, we collaborated and discussed it with everyone on the team. We all agree that those three words effectively describe what our company does.

Involving multiple people on this project may be hard to juggle but in the end, you’ll find the slogan that works best for your company. Just keep trying until you find the perfect slogan!

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