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5 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Followers Organically

Laith Aladdin

1. Diversify your Content to discover what people actually want.

A lot of times companies do not post enough content, to begin with, so let’s start there. posting once a week or once a month is not enough. The more content, the more opportunities you have to figure out what people are looking for. Some companies seem to ignore that fact and put out content that they think will grab the attention of people, but in reality, it’s not. You must consider the types of posts that are being produced by those who have followers in the millions that you want to achieve. You should try posting different things such as videos, photos, blogs, gifs., polls, or even just text. Explore different subjects without losing your brand identity and see what will create buzz for your page.

2. Create a dialogue.

It’s great that you’re creating content, but are you creating a dialog or discussions amongst you and other followers? Pushing out content doesn’t work like it used to and people forget to embrace the “social” of social media. Take a look at the posts you are making and think of an engaging way to create that dialog. For example, you sell clothing and you make a post saying, “Here’s our new collection. Click the link and check it out”. These types of posts do not help with engaging the customers, so think of another way to write that in order to increase the engagement by asking, “Here’s our new collection. What styles do you like? What colors would you want to see besides the ones available?” The more comments that are posted, the more you will appear in other users’ feed to gain more followers organically.

3. You’re not posting micro-content on Facebook.

Micro-content is when you simply post a photo, video, infographics, or just text that a person can consume in less than 30 seconds. Just look at your own social media habits. When scrolling through feeds, do you stop to read a long article or are you scrolling trying to get through as many pages as possible? For example, this article that your reading now, would you stop scrolling to read the whole article or would you be more inclined to read the text summarized and explore more? People also have a hard time trusting links and sharing them with friends because they have not done enough investigating themselves or simply don’t have the time to read the content in those links. The more content you put out, they are more at ease and more comfortable sharing links you may have.

4. Respond to Facebook comments or likes or shares. Show your appreciation for their engagement.

A lot of companies just let likes, discussions, and shares go by the wayside without showing any appreciation. Get involved and let your followers know how important they are by thanking them for their involvement. Not only does this help with future posts engagement, but it also helps build relationships with your followers which will lead to more people coming back to your page to find more of your content creating more opportunities to appear on other’s news feeds. To make this easier hire a community manager or an agency to be able to maintain your accounts to increase your reach.

5. Putting your money in the right content.

Now that you have created all of this content, it’s time to see where to spend your money. That is why earlier it was mention that it is crucial to develop content and providing different types in order to understand your audience. Some things will work and a lot of it will not work, but as soon as you have an idea of what does, start invest in that type(s) of content. If you put more money behind content that didn’t work, that’s not the best strategy. Put all your money into content that works.

With a lot more companies using social media, it’s important to be mindful of other companies’ strategies and think about how you can do it better. Know your audience, what content they like, and do not put out content for the sake of putting content out. Don’t lose focus on creating quality posts and don’t post too excessively. We all like birthday cake, but too much of it loses its sweetness. With a community manager or agency, they can help develop a strategy and get the right content out and more efficiently.

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