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Be Brave In This New World - Marketing During Coronavirus

A lot in our world is changing day by day. Overnight, the world has moved indoors and even further online. It would be easy to panic and throw in the towel. But we're problem-solvers you and I, that's why we went into business in the first place.

Here's what we're seeing on the ground and hearing in the latest conversations from marketers, startups, and investors.

People are home, business is now online, and with social distancing - social media numbers are up. I spoke recently with StartEngine CEO, Howard Marks, who told me, "last week was our best ever and it's not slowing down."

People are looking for ways to positively shape the future that is not tied to the stock market and retail investing is proving its worth.

At this time, we at DNA are encouraging businesses to do the following 4 things:

  1. Build video presentation funnels in place of your conference marketing

  2. Increase B2B LinkedIn outreach to replace traditional in-person methods

  3. Increase ad spends to produce larger awareness/traffic volume during these uncertain business conditions.

  4. Share your cause in your content! Be it a non-profit you donate to, high wages for satisfied employees, or the story of how you were founded, people want to connect with your brand in an authentic way.

There is no better time than now for people to learn about your brand.

If you were planning on attending, marketing at, or sponsoring an industry event this year, consider building marketing funnels to develop and nurture a targeted audience in promotion of a video presentation and the corresponding follow-ups.

Most strategies are being built for 1-4 weeks of advertising of a landing page that sets up prospects/investors/users for automated email drip sequences leading into a live video broadcast (similar to a conference keynote/pitch/panel) and providing a full database of B2B/B2C individuals structured for ongoing marketing.

We are projecting exponentially higher reach, traffic, and email sign-ups in these plans than historical trade-show results and at lower monetary/labor costs.

One example of a campaign performing well under these circumstances is PI Energy. We believe PI Energy's breakthrough nano-film solar technology can bring affordable energy to the entire world and we're proud to be part of the marketing team for their active raise on StartEngine.

In their first two weeks they were able to achieve an 8.75X return on ad spend (ROAS) with a cost-per-click of $1.70, and a click-through-rate of 2.27%.

I was recently featured on the "Back To Your Story" podcast and I think you'll find some helpful insights in this episode. It's a podcast about real people and real stories. The journey of life has always fascinated BTYS host, Brock Goldberg, and he keeps the it exciting.

Listen as he takes us down the rabbit hole filled with Rockstars, Activists, Cyber Security Specialists, Hairstylists, Entrepreneurs and so much more. Needless to say, THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDMAS PODCAST.

I’ll also be launching my own podcast in a matter of days. Yes. Days.

And, if you can't wait, I'll be sitting down with Jonny Price, Director of Fundraising for WeFunder on April 3rd, 10am PST for a Q&A titled, "Raising Private Capital While the Public Markets are Volatile - A Marketing Webinar." It's entirely free and open to the public, however, we've limited it to 500 seats to make sure everyone who is truly interested can see and hear everything.

We'll cover all of the tips outlined above, plus we'll be covering in depth:

  • The 8-Point Marketing Plan (a complete approach to algorithmic growth).

  • Equity Crowdfund Checklist (easy to follow).

  • New approaches to PR, Media, and presenting your value proposition.

  • How to structure a campaign from beginning to end so you’re communicating through multiple touch points across platforms in a way that feels personal and meaningful.

Are you concerned about acquiring investors in a down market? We don’t think you should be.

Register now for "Raising Private Capital While the Public Markets are Volatile - A Marketing Webinar" a Q&A with Jonny & Jason. That's April 3rd, 10am PST. We want you to win at raising capital in this new digital-first era!

Yes, these are unprecedented times. We have to provide unprecedented solutions, leadership and inspiration. If I may, I want to leave you with one inspiring thought.

Be brave in this new world, Jason Fishman Founder, DNA

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