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Branding Your Company For Investment Opportunities

One of the most fundamental things for any business is identifying its brand. When it comes to equity crowdfunding, every great crowdfunded business has a strong brand that helps attract potential backers and users.

Digital Niche Agency’s CEO, Jason Fishman and Director of Business Development, MacEwan Patterson, recently sat down to discuss the key components of how to brand your business for investments.

If you’re new to branding your company for investment opportunities, there are some key components you should know. For a better understanding of how your company can build its brand, here are some best practices.

Establish Your Investor Persona

Entrepreneurs are often passionate about what they do, which makes establishing your investor persona all the more important.

Your investor persona communicates your brand and business to others, and serves as a framework to engage with potential and current clients.

Establish Your Brand Story

Your brand is about building trust, connection, and relationships. To really make an impact, you have to take it a step further. You have to make people feel something.

When you have an amazing story that connects potential customers on an emotional level, it builds trust and conversation quickly.

So when you start telling your brand story, make sure it's complete — down to the last word.

Establish Your Brand Voice

Creating a company that attracts investors is a balancing act. Investors are looking for companies with a clear story – something that makes them believe in the future.

You have to find a way for your company to stand out from the peers around it by being different and having a strong and clear vision.

Your core values help define what it is that you do and how you do it, helping to attract an investor or convert a supporter to a customer.

Establish 3rd Party Validation

Third-party validation allows investors to see your work follow through by connecting the dots between your actions and the outcomes.

When you have third-party validation, you’re validating your business idea or product to your audience, and therefore building additional levels of trust and brand identity.

Put All the Pieces of Your Brand in Brand Guidelines

An effective brand guideline establishes a clear connection between your organization and your customers.

It should communicate why your brand is important to your consumers, help you define your mission and values, and highlight key partnerships and marketing connections that reinforce your brand identity.

Brands Can Evolve

Brands are like companies in that they evolve over time. A brand is something that your audience trusts and grows with. The chain reaction of putting trust in a brand can lead to it building the kind of community and following that most companies don’t have.

There is a lot that goes into creating and shaping a successful brand. If you take your time to think about what’s most important to your brand’s identity, you’ll have fewer problems connecting with potential clients and investors.

It’s not enough to just have a great idea — you need to know how to turn it into a reality.

For suggestions on how to start branding your business for investments, you can watch the full discussion between Jason Fishman and MacEwan Patterson.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Digital Niche Agency Team, we’d be happy to help!

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