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Content to Capital: Successful Crowdfunding Strategies - Webinar Recap

Many startups struggle with content marketing, often without understanding why their efforts aren't yielding results. After working with over 400 clients, we've found that the issue usually lies in the strategy, not the content itself.

Our recent webinar, "Content to Capital: Successful Crowdfunding Strategies," addressed these common challenges. Led by:

  • Jason Fishman, CEO

  • Khalil Doheny, Content Director

  • Richard-Francis Bowen, Content Marketer

They shared their insights on practical approaches to content marketing, specifically for crowdfunding success.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Connecting content marketing to crowdfunding outcomes

  2. Identifying and addressing strategic weaknesses

  3. Developing an effective content strategy for crowdfunding

  4. Implementing and promoting content efficiently

  5. Using diverse content types to reach various audiences

  6. Measuring and improving content performance

Jason, Khalil, and Richard-Francis provided concrete steps for building a strong strategy and offered tips for creating and promoting content that supports crowdfunding goals. Their combined expertise made this webinar valuable for startup founders, marketers, and anyone involved in crowdfunding campaigns.

Access the presentation slides here for reference.

View the full webinar recording here if you missed it or want to revisit the content.

We hope the insights from our hosts help you refine your approach to content marketing and improve your crowdfunding efforts.

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