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DNA: My Ads Won't Convert! What Should I Do?

At DNA, we have 15+ years of experience specializing in marketing, start-ups, and business development. Our marketing philosophy for successful campaigns? Optimize, scale, and test!

In case you missed it, our media buying department recently held a webinar giving insight on what you should do if your ads aren’t converting!

Running Ads is Essential to GainingTraffic

There have been misconceptions in regards to running successful advertisements. However, advertising is essential for your campaign. When looking for investors, Facebook is a gold mine!

You want to reach as many potential investors as possible. Keep in mind that even if your ads don’t convert the first time, they’re still being shared, liked and commented on. Organic impressions will always add value to your campaign!

Turning on ads doesn't guarantee an immediate high return on ad spend. Remember: patience is a virtue. Successful campaigns involve a lot more than simply turning on ads!


You can’t skip straight to success - it all starts at phase one: strategy! It’s important to have your ads targeted at the right audiences. If you're targeting the wrong group, the ads are of no use.

Facebook Targeting:

Facebook targeting is an amazing tool! First, detailed targeting allows Facebook to gauge interest and match people to the campaign based on their Facebook profile.

Lookalike audiences are valuable because they direct the marketer towards similar people to target, improving the overall quality of your ad’s audiences. First, we upload the investor email lists to Facebook. Facebook then matches those people to their Facebook profiles. A data set is then produced, consisting of people who have recently invested and those who have similar profiles.

Targeting custom audiences: Custom audiences consist of a whole bunch of different audiences, and one of the most valuable audiences in that group is the retargeting audience. A retargeting audience is defined by the people who have either clicked/engaged with your ad or clicked on the ad to visit your website. We consider these people warm audiences, so we show your ads more times to them to get them to convert.

Measuring KPIs to Determine a Good Ad

As marketers, we gauge these campaigns through measurements. Metrics, KPIs, and key performance indicators help us determine an ad’s success rate.

As a founder, click through rates should matter because this algorithm measures what is working and what is not. Based on this information, we can troubleshoot specific issues and improve.

Facebook ad click through rates are cost per click. This is one of the metrics that we look at. For click through rates, we want to see at least a rate of over 1% or 2% - that is considered to be average.

The goal is to be over 2%. KPIs are important because we need a high click through rate. This tells us that our ad is engaging, or interesting.

Next, you want to measure why they're clicking. What is grabbing their attention? Are people clicking on the ad? Are people clicking to see more of the copy? To watch the video clip? The landing page?

Closely related to this is the cost per click. You want a low cost per click, so as to drive as much traffic as possible. The way you get a high click through rate is by targeting it to the right audiences, making sure the creative aspect of the ad appeals to them.

Third Party Validation:

If you've been featured by big names, don't be shy, show them off! Third party validation provides social proof that someone with meaningful credentials is there to back up your business. Naturally, a Forbes mention will help turn the heads of potential investors.

Thank You For Your Time!

We hope that this provides a more deeper insight into how you can improve your ads. If you want to watch a more in-depth explanation, you can view our webinar recap here!

Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have about the beginning of your equity crowdfunding campaign journey!

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