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DNA Recognized as Top Digital Marketing Company in California

Some exciting news, DNA fans! GoodFirms is a research and review platform that analyzes and evaluates companies for delivering their various services. Their research approach evaluates firms along three crucial axes: Ability, Reliability, and Quality.

Here’s what they have to say about us:

Established in 2014 and based in Los Angeles, California, Digital Niche Agency (DNA) is a full-service digital marketing agency that focuses on surpassing client goals. The company is well-versed in implementing revenue-driven marketing strategy, offering the latest marketing technologies and techniques to small and mid-level businesses. This team of dedicated professionals has over 15 years of experience in marketing, start-ups, and business development.

DNA’s moves are carefully coordinated poetry: they reach the target market, execute conversions, and systematically hit the clients’ goals - not to mention deadlines - with artful exactitude throughout the course of every campaign. DNA has worked with over 600 brands on data-driven marketing campaigns to gain users, customers, and investors - regularly outpacing the results of the most renowned agencies and in-house marketing teams. They’ve designed an agency that works on three principles: communicate early, be stress-free to work with and answer with algorithms.

DNA’s model is built for brand value and performance: it focuses on two areas - Content Development and Content Distribution. Clients can avail themselves of services pertaining to social media, SEO, content marketing, digital PR, marketing plans, web/mobile media buying, and video or digital advertising - just to name a few. DNA’s consistent success can be readily measured by the growth rate of their clients’ companies - a growth rate few could match and fewer could hope to exceed.

Their process is simple to describe, but it requires significant finesse and experience to execute well. First, their team of specialists create digital marketing plans to identify the right audience and appropriate methods of increasing revenue goals. They assess the client’s industry, work on crucial audience persona development, analyze the competitors, do a complete review of the creative assets and messaging, recommend which channels can perform suitably for the client’s product or services, and recommend a budget spend. Finally, timelines are carefully plotted out in order to properly implement the client’s bespoke marketing plan.

DNA concentrates on developing ground-breaking social media and content marketing campaigns to spread brand awareness and drive targeted web traffic. They develop quality posts, deliver professional graphic design, and increase page engagement with the help of targeted ad campaigns.

DNA focuses on reaching the client’s targeted audiences through artfully crafted, customizable advertising campaigns that strike across multiple digital channels. Equipped with these campaigns, the clients can effortlessly raise capital through rewards-based crowdfunding, security token offerings, and much more.

GoodFirms’s researchers believe that Digital Niche Agency (DNA) will soon be labeled as one of the top digital marketing companies in California!

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