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DNA Webinar: Unlocking Ad Success With Proper Optics- How to Set up Your Campaign for a Positive Ret

In our recent webinar, we ventured into the world of equity crowdfunding campaigns, examining essential strategies and metrics for maximizing their effectiveness and success. Audience targeting, messaging, and aligning campaigns with investor expectations were discussed in detail. In case you missed it, you can watch the full video here.

The webinar featured key members of the business development team, including DNA CEO & Co-Founder Jason Fishman, Head of Business Development Danny Shapouri, and Sales Executive David Barbara. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Lower vs. Higher Investment Minimums

Despite the fact that higher minimums can create a greater barrier to entry, there is an upside. They result in greater average investments, which could result in stronger financial backing for the campaign. With higher minimums, campaigns require fewer conversions to achieve their objectives, resulting in a greater ROAS. This strategy can be especially effective for companies seeking serious and committed investors.

Optimizing Your Offering Page

A well-optimized landing page that develops trust and credibility is a crucial component of any successful campaign. To accomplish this, the page should include an abundance of social proof, such as testimonials, press mentions, and partnerships. Such testimonials help develop investor confidence and make potential investors feel like they are a part of something significant, thereby creating a sense of urgency to join the campaign.

Leveraging Your First Degree Network

Founders were encouraged not to shy away from reaching out to friends, family, and previous investors. Equity crowdfunding offers an excellent opportunity for those close to the founder to participate in and support the venture. Personal connections can be nurtured through direct communication, where founders can personally explain the investment process and share the offering details.

We urge you to explore our blog if you wish to advance on your crowdfunding journey. It's a goldmine of useful information, such as articles, tips, and success stories, that will empower and enlighten you. View the recorded webinar video and check out our free deck.

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