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Fundamentals to Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

They say the only way to be good at something is to do it thousands of times over and over again. Our team members here at DNA do exactly that! We want to discuss the fundamentals to market your campaign and why they are important to implement.

The Team That Makes It Happen!

Danny Shapouri- Head of Business Development/Outreach: Has been part of DNA since the very beginning! Danny has been hands-on in the business development side as well as account management for an abundance of campaigns. (He's managed 200 of them to date!) Danny's passion is to provide the insights and recommendations to improve the lack of education in the industry.

Irene Hyder- Head of Advertising: Irene has been with us for over three years now! An advertising expert, she specializes in marketing for upcoming and disruptive brands during and beyond their equity crowdfunding raise. She has worked for over 100 equity crowdfunding campaigns for numerous portals such as StartEngine, WeFunder, and more.

Demeris Morse- Head of Content Marketing: Demeris has been with us close to a year and a half. She got into content marketing thanks to her writing career. She started off blogging , from there she self-taught herself marketing skills for: blogs, webinars, emails, social media posts, portal updates, and more. She further expanded her skills by building the content marketing department for us!

Why Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign?

Preparation is key to success! Essentially failing to plan is planning to fail. You want to set goals and clear KPI’s in order to measure success or failures. It is important to attain a deeper understanding of your business, especially in terms of your target audience and market trends. So how can you do that?

The 8-point plan is designed to be simple yet all-encompassing to create an actionable, algorithmic strategy that can be referenced during the campaign.

It’s a perfect balance of micro and macro elements that should be a part of your strategy!

Macro elements inform the microelements of the campaign:

  • Macro elements include: Industry Analysis, Target Market profile, and Competitive Audit

  • Micro elements include: Channels, Creative Audit/Development, Strategic Partners, and Projections

For more info on how to create an 8-point marketing plan, watch our full webinar and download the deck.

Why Content For Equity Crowdfunding?

80% of executives and decision makers prefer to learn more about you through content. Content builds trust. Did you know that 95% of investors believe content makes a company trustworthy Additionally, it takes 7-13 touch points for a conversion, including investment. Content improves ad conversion rates by 6X, and stimulates social sharing which 72% of marketers believe is more effective than ads.

Types of Content You Should Create For Equity Crowdfunding.

  • Webinars

  • Blogs/Vlog

  • Social Media

  • Email/Newsletters

  • Drip Campaigns

  • Raise Page Updates

You can utilize our equity crowdfunding content checklist here!

Why LinkedIn Outreach for Equity Crowdfunding?

Social media and LinkedIn provide the kind of insight into a company and its leadership that informs investors, business analysts, or portfolio managers beyond the numbers and the pitch deck. Investors are actively seeking investment-related information via social media.

When they find insightful information, they take action, whether by sharing information, making an investment decision, or deciding to work with a particular firm.

Find the exact individuals, by title, at the majority of companies in your target Strategic Partner or Direct Investor opportunity list online. Here is how to connect and engage with your target at a rate that is significantly higher than direct outreach on other channels.

  • Industry Research

  • Build list of Prospects by LinkedIn Profiles

  • Invite 50 prospects to Connect each day

  • Seeking 20% Accept Rate (10 per day, 200 per month)

  • Send Conversational Message and Manage Replies

  • Follow up with sequence of 3+ Weekly Messages to setup a call or direct to your funnel

  • Anticipating a 10-20% response rate

  • Measure lead performance by audience targeting and replicate on next set of outreach, while adding multiple channel touch points for prospects

Remember to be meaningful and intentional in your connection, and to focus on your core areas of your business.

For additional information on LinkedIn strategies, click here.

Why Facebook Advertisements for Equity Crowdfunding?

“I think it's super important to use Facebook advertising or advertising in general for different channels because it's going to be your primary source of traffic to your offering. You could reach a huge ... a lot of people through different targeting, reaching different investors. You could create different audiences and gear your ads to those specific audiences. So if you want to get outside of your network, it's super important to utilize advertising on Facebook.”

Let’s Connect!

Join the DNA and let us help you run a successful campaign! You can learn more on our website here.

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