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How to Make Portal Updates Work for You

Portal updates are a key component of your communication strategy. By posting information about your company on a regular basis, you keep your name in the minds of potential investors and forge a stronger bond between you and your community.

In today’s investor article, we are going to take a deep dive on how we’ve used portal updates to collectively produce over nine figures in the last two years!

Portal Update? What’s That?

Updates are essential in communicating with your supporters. Your investors and followers will receive an update every time you post, and the portal will also send an email to everyone who has invested in your campaign.

This is a critical way to keep your investors up-to-date with everything you’re doing - whether that’s updates about the launch of your product, media coverage you’ve been getting, or everything else in between.

These updates will help you keep your backers engaged and excited about your company's progress!

What Should I Discuss in My Update?

A lot of people are still on the fence about investing in your company, and you’re going to need to build their trust.

Your investors will be more willing to back your project if they feel a connection to your business and see some traction. To help with that, we suggest posting updates two to three times a week. Here are some examples of large milestones that will keep your community along for the ride:

  • Launch announcement

  • Campaign progress on how much you’ve raised (we just surpassed $100K in investments!)

  • Duration of campaign milestones (1 week mark, 1 month mark, etc)

  • Urgency content to express that your campaign is coming to an end (without explicitly saying how many days are left)

  • Campaign closing update that thanks all of your investors

Your Investors Want to Hear From You!

Many companies shy away from posting updates about their business because they think that they have nothing cool to say. They may feel that it’s boring, or at least not interesting enough to be shared with others.

This is *not* true!

Remember, people are investing in the team, and the vision of the company. They want to know the nitty gritty details of what you’re up to. Every detail they pick up builds confidence in your business and forges a connection between you and your potential investors.

If you want to keep your community engaged, try continuously posting new content around the following:

  • News Features

  • Team Updates

  • Company Awards

  • Campaign Milestones

Pro Tips for Creating Compelling Updates

Call to actions are a great way to direct the user's attention to a specific action you want them to take, such as: following you, downloading a PDF, or investing in your product or service.

If you want them to do something other than read, then you need to make that clear in the post.

Another great way to spread the word about your company is to encourage existing backers to share your page with their network. Remind them that your success is their success, and they can help you by sharing your campaign!

What’s Compliant, and What’s Not?

Regulations are set in place and intended to protect investors from fraud and abuse - but for your updates, they could mean some delays. Plan around this!

You’ll want to make sure your updates are compliant before you post, so be sure to reach out to your portal for more information regarding what you can and can’t say.

Download Our Free Pitch Deck

Remember when we talked about a call to action earlier? Here’s a perfect example.

For more information on how to successfully incorporate portal updates into your marketing strategy, make sure you download our free pitch deck! You can also watch our webinar recap on YouTube.

Be on the lookout for more insightful webinars coming down the pipeline. We look forward to seeing you then!

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