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Marketing Your Product Vs. Marketing Your Investment Opportunity

Have you ever confused your product with your investment opportunity? If you have, don't worry - you're not alone!

We want to make sure you're promoting your raise - or your product - in the right way, so we hosted a webinar where we break down the huge, meaningful differences between marketing your product and your investment opportunity.

If you couldn't make it, we've written this article to highlight some of the important topics that were addressed in the webinar!

What Is The Goal Of Your Marketing Campaign?

Are you trying to attract users? Are you trying to get more purchases? Are you trying to have people invest?

Whatever you decide to do, keep your eyes on the prize.

Marketing campaigns often fail because they don't stick to their initial goal.

A company could promise that it would be a low cost campaign, but then spend a lot more than required to attract users. Or a company might overextend itself by promising investors huge returns, only to realize that it’s effectively written checks it can’t cash.

If you know your goal up front, and make sure that everyone else involved in the campaign knows what's happening and why, then you'll be able to avoid these pitfalls and keep yourself from wasting time and money.

Product Marketing? What’s That?

Let's say you have a product that solves a problem, and a great path to market. Congratulations!

Now the real work begins: making sure that consumers know what it is, and where they can find it when they want to purchase it.

Product marketing is the process of aligning product positioning with customer needs, such that customers will actually buy and use those products.

Examples of product marketing include - but are by no means limited to: billboards, commercials, social media, product placement, podcasts, emails, and influencers.

Okay, But What Does It Mean To Market Your Investment Opportunity?

Marketing an investment opportunity involves creating a compelling story that explains why your idea or your business is something that people want to invest in: it could involve discussing how you came up with the idea, demonstrating how much success you’ve had so far, or explaining how much demand there is for your product. Preferably all three, and especially the latter two!

The point is to make it clear what makes this business special and to explain why someone would want to invest their time and money into it. This kind of marketing helps assure investors that they won’t be wasting their time or money on something with weak potential - with good marketing, they can see proof that there is already an enormous opportunity - a burgeoning market with real financial interest in what you have to offer.

Capitalize On Your Audience!

Why not leverage your existing customer base to invest in your company? Your customers are already excited about the problem that your product solves, so why not invite them to be a part of its solution by purchasing shares in your company?

Every happy customer is a potential micro-influencer for your new crowdfunding campaign.

Think about it... they’re primed to like you because of their previous positive experience with your work, and getting them excited about investing can lead to them spreading the word to their social networks.

There’s no such thing as too much exposure when you’re trying to get the word out about something; with crowdfunding, it could be the difference between success and failure… So why not make use of what you have?

Questions? Watch Our Webinar Recap Or Reach Out To Us Directly!

Last week's webinar was a huge success. It was so great, in fact, we wanted to make sure you didn't miss it. Luckily for you, we recorded the whole thing on YouTube so you can enjoy it whenever you'd like!

We've also provided a link for you to get your hands on our free webinar deck that covers everything discussed during the webinar.

We're really looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

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