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Maximizing Your Content Marketing Efforts: 5 Ways to Leverage Existing Content in Your New Strategy

If you want your marketing strategy to succeed, producing content that your target demographic enjoys and shares is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, constantly creating new content can be time-consuming and expensive. Leveraging existing content can help you save time and better use what you've already produced.

This article will discuss incorporating previously published material into your new content marketing strategy.

1. Find New Uses for Your Content

If you want to give your old content a new lease on life and make it more interesting to your target audience, repurposing is the way to go. Take a standard blog post and spin it into an infographic, video, or podcast. This will allow you to interact with more people across more channels.

When repurposing your content, remember that not all content types will work on every platform. It may not be feasible to convert a lengthy white paper into a social media post, but it could be adapted into a webinar or a series of blog posts.

2. Renew and Rework Previous Material

Another strategy for reusing previously created content is through modernizing it. Find the outdated or stale content in your archive and update it. This may involve revising old sections to make them current, adding new information, or updating statistics.

You can get more use out of your existing content by updating and refreshing it, and keeping your content up-to-date is a great way to improve your search engine rankings.

3. Make a Centralized Resource for Content

Making a central location for all of your content can help you better manage it and make it more accessible to your target audience. Blogs, centralized information repositories, and topic-specific landing pages are all examples of content hubs.

Making a content hub is a great way to show off your knowledge and give back to your audience. It also facilitates the discovery and consumption of your content among your target demographic.

4. Put Your Content in Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective method of reaching out to customers and encouraging them to make a purchase. You can accomplish these aims by reusing content from previous email campaigns.

You can use excerpts from your blog posts, send readers to a central location for all of your content, or write something brand new just for your email list. Doing so allows you to give your subscribers useful information that prompts them to take some sort of action.

5. Promote Your Work on Social Media

The use of social media to disseminate your content to a larger audience is highly recommended. That said, it's important to modify your content for the specific social media platform on which you plan to share it. Shorter, more visually appealing versions of your content could be made for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

In summary, optimizing your content marketing efforts and getting the most out of the content you've already created can be achieved by leveraging your existing content. Engaging with your audience and achieving your marketing goals can be accomplished through the use of repurposed content, updated and refreshed content, a content hub, email campaigns, and social media.

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Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
Jun 29, 2023

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