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Recap: How to Effectively Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign During the Holidays

If you're giving push back due to insecurity or uncertainty.. We're here to tell you that procrastination has never produced outstanding results. That's the unspoken gamble of building a successful equity crowdfunding raise... Investing in your business the way you invest in yourself, on the daily.

People always create a mental block thinking "When will I see results" "What if I never see a positive turn around" .. or better yet "How long will this take."

Nothing becomes an overnight success overnight without time, planning, and patience. That entire year you spent wondering and holding back, was time that could have been used to kick start your raise all along. Push hard now to get ahead and stay on track!

Business Development Tips

Did you know that digital usage reaches its peak in December in comparison to other months of the year? The holiday season is when people have extra time and money. Many are in hot pursuit in finding new opportunities and deals!

Advertising Tips

Don't look tone deaf to the holidays! Now is the perfect time to focus on your remarketing audience. We typically run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google and TikTok. Facebook and Instagram specifically have more users, and a history of more conversions.

Story ads have generated positive results using relatable music, engaging graphics that help the audience connect more with the ad and its message. Reels, Youtube shorts, and TikTok can use templates while simultaneously incorporating overall message.

During this time, you should focus on running informative ads, more so than urgent ads. Overall, you should stay away from NOT running ads!

Content Marketing Tips

During the holiday season you want to create pieces of content accordingly to connect with eager potential investors. The types of posts, messaging and frequency all aid in the conversion algorithm. This is your chance to show a more personable side to your business.

Portal updates and emails can utilize fun topics such as season greetings, Happy Holidays, or give the gift of an investment. Bring the New Year into the mix! Online events can be centered around company year recaps, and 2023 roadmaps that can show investors what's in store for the new year.

Outreach Tips/ Channels to utilize:

  • LinkedIn

  • Emails

  • Publications

*You should always follow up with leads after reaching out.

Thank You For Your Time!

We hope this provides a more clear understanding of how to properly market your equity crowdfunding campaign during the holidays. Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have about the beginning of your equity crowdfunding campaign journey!

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