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Webinar Recap: How Can I Get Investors Online Right Now?

You're wondering how to get investors online right now. It takes a lot of determination and faith to put your business out there to the public. We're here to remind you that nothing becomes an overnight success overnight. Patience is the road to wisdom!

The DNA team has the tips you're looking for to achieve your crowdfunding goals. So while you're scrolling through this quick read.. take a deep breath, sit back and relax!

Lead Generation Campaigns

For starters, you'll want to conduct lead generation campaigns when starting out. This process is designed to introduce your brand to specific audiences to gain prospective investors. Once you have achieved this, you can utilize portal updates to directly notify prospective and converted investors alike. Investors want to see you active, and communicative.

When speaking to your target audience, you want to communicate to the most lucrative channels. Email is high on the list and is projected to generate $11B in revenue for 2023.

Keep in mind there will always be potential shareholders looking for the next exploding investment opportunity. The key is to showcase how your company is revolutionizing your targeted industry. You want to be the market opportunity no one saw coming... but need in their investment portfolio.

Live Events Boost Conversions

Webinars are always a great way to boost conversions because you get the opportunity to speak with your community in real time. It’s interactive, and shows investors a more personable side to the company. It is important to build a real connection that is outside of a screen.

Webinar Tips:

  • Q&A section

  • Pitch Deck

  • Videos, Demos

  • Double check background, audio and setup

  • Be sure to repurpose content

No Such Thing As Too Much Social Proof

Third party validation is the best asset to your campaign! Investors want to know they can trust your company.

That is the beauty of marketing psychology. Word of mouth is going to lure investors right into the palm of your hands.

According to Sprout Social:

  • 83% of consumers recommend a brand they follow on social media to friends and family.

  • 91% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.

  • 82% of Americans ask for referrals and recommendations from family and friends before making any kind of purchase.

Thank You For Your Time!

We hope this provides a more clear understanding of how to gain more investors for your equity crowdfunding campaign. Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have about the beginning of your equity crowdfunding campaign journey!

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