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DNA Case Study With BAM

At DNA, we believe that every marketing solution is unique.

Our team is driven by our passion to help brands grow and thrive. But passion is just the beginning - we’re highly experienced in the world of content marketing and data analytics.

The world of content marketing can be intimidating: it’s an ever-changing labyrinth, with new best practices and rules cropping up all the time. We at DNA are here to help guide the way!

Content is the backbone of your brand

Content is what keeps your audience engaged with your brand and who you are. Having appealing visuals for your content is a key component of building solid brand awareness. Each visual should tell a story to the viewer to grab their attention and keep them coming back for more.

Battle Approved Motors’s content and branding does exactly that. BAM’s mission is to break away from the traditional mold for UTVs while working to build something more economical, greener, better performing, and safer than what currently exists on the market.

DNA pushes BAM to the top

Battle Approved Motors’s original goal was for their offering to hit $1.07M. Thanks to their partnership with DNA they finished strong, raising $1,069,925.

DNA proved vital to their strategy in two ways: DNA’s internal audiences were a valuable source of investment in themselves, and our marketing wizardry was critical in helping them find the right audience of online investors.

Just a few stats from their outstandingly successful raise:

  • 1,369 Total Investors.

  • 8.55x Return on Advertising Spend on pixel data projecting 24x Return on Advertising Spend.

  • $0.21 Cost-Per-Click.

  • $112.47 Cost-Per-Acquisition.

Growing your business together

We are thrilled to have partnered with BAM, and we’re so excited that we were able to race across that finish line together!

Every single project DNA works on is unique, and unique projects demand a unique approach. Never cookie cutter, never copy and paste, our DNA team becomes a part of yours and we work hard to deliver you the results that you need!

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